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Maxflo Model 3060VPL

3060VPL Reference Guide     3060VPL Spec Sheet

Status LEDs
Power On solid green when unit is running
Pause / VIB On solid for pause, flash for running with vibrator, off for normal running
Spinner / Conveyor Off means normal, on or flash means error (see table below)

Basic Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting a 3060VPL malfunction is fairly simple. When your motor is having a problem, the motor status light will blink out a code to tell you what is wrong. The blink codes for this model are:

Status LED Blink Codes
Number of Blinks Condition
SOLID Ignition off / disconnected
1 Jam (low voltage)
2 Jam (high current)
3 Overheat
4 Battery voltage low
5 Battery voltage high

Ignition Off / Disconnected -- Status Light On Solid

This means either the vehicle power is not turned on, or the 3060VPL has been disconnected from the vehicle ignition. Many clients, when uninstalling a unit or moving it to another vehicle, either forget to reconnect the unit to the vehicle ignition or accidentally tear the ignition wire out and damage the unit.

If there's a red wire going from the unit to your vehicle ignition, the vehicle power is on and you still see the statu LED on solid, the unit should be returned for service or replaced (depending on whether or not you have a valid warranty or service agreement in place).

Jam -- Status Light Blinks Once or Twice

This means something is causing the system to draw too much power, so the unit shuts down for safety. The load of material (sand, salt, etc.) could be frozen, a mechanical shaft or linkage could be bent out of true, there could be a piece of crud caught somewhere.

The easiest way to troubleshoot this is with a clamp-on DC amp meter, like one of these:

Uni-Trend UT-203
Available on eBay for about $40
Mastech MS2108A
Available on eBay for about $40
Amprobe ACD-52NAV
Available at Granger for about $300

These meters can be bought online. We use the Amprobe model in our shop. You can use any model you like so long as it reads DC current up to at least 100A. A peak function helps, because that tells you at a glance what the max current draw was before shutdown.

Hang the meter off one of the main power wires (red or black, doesn't matter) going into the unit, stand clear of the spreader, then turn the unit on and run the motor that was throwing the jam code.

If you run the motor and see a reading above 30A for 2 seconds or more, the system is drawing too much power and the unit is doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing, protecting you from an electrical fire. Check for crud or bent parts, because the unit is working fine.

That number is +/- 10%, by the way.

If you're getting a jam without a current reading that high, something is wrong with the unit and it should be returned for service or replaced (depending on whether or not you have a valid warranty or service agreement in place).

Overheat -- Status Light Blinks Three Times

Do not install a controller under a heat vent. If you must install a controller where warm air will be blown on it, please install an appropriate sheild between the unit and the vent so that the warm air is directed away from the controller.

These units draw a lot of power to do their job, and power translates to heat. Each unit uses the metal case to help get the heat out, but if you work a unit hard for long enough, it might get hot and tired and need a break.

If the inside of the vehicle where the unit is running is especially warm, or if you pile things on top of the unit, that cuts down on its ability to get rid of heat and may trigger an overheat alarm. Try letting the unit cool off, then turning the heat down and making sure it is exposed to the open air.

If that doesn't help, it may need to be returned for service or replaced (depending on whether or not you have a valid warranty or service agreement in place).

Voltage Bad -- Status Light Blinks Four or Five Times

This usually indicates a problem with the vehicle's electrical system.

Unit Compatibility

These units are able to drive a variety of spreader systems. The following are some models that the 3060VPL can drive:

Compatibility Chart
Most Single-Motor Direct- and Chain-Drive 12V Systems
Western Buyers Models
Meyers           TGS01
Trynex           TG01A
Snow Ex           TG01B
Fisher           TGS05
Curtis           TGS05A
Lehigh Valley           TGS05B

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