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Shipping Policy

Who pays shipping costs?

Our margins are very low, and we can not afford to absorb shipping costs. As such, Our policy is that the customer pays all shipping costs, both to get a unit to us and to get their unit back, no exceptions for any reason whatsoever.

What shipping service could I use to send a unit to you?

You're welcome to use any shipping service you like to get a unit to us.

Please note: All units shipped to us must have an RMA number on the box. You can get an RMA number using the Return Material Authorization request form.

What is your default shipping method?

If you do not specify what shipping service you want us to use to return a unit, we will use some form of ground shipping -- usually FedEx or UPS ground -- with no shipping insurance.

What shipping services do you use?

We use UPS, FedEx, and the US Postal Service for our regular outbound shipments -- take your pick as to carrier and speed.

If you have another shipping service you would like us to use (because you have an account with them or you just really really like them), please make arrangements with us in advance.

We do not guarantee we will honor a special request as to shipping service, but of course we always prefer to make our customers happy.

Please read our disclaimers if you have a thing for legalese.