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Spreader Gear

We Provide Repair Services for Motor Controllers

Air Flo Sand / Salt Spreaders

RMA Number Required

All units shipped to us must have an RMA number on the box. You can get an RMA number using the Return Material Authorization request form.

Return Policy

Every unit we inspect and repair is put through three complete load tests before it is boxed up and shipped out. A load test is where we hook the unit up to a special test rig and make it work just as hard as you would in your truck. We are confident that every unit that leaves our shop is in 100% working order.

As such, every customer gets 14 calender days from the date the unit leaves our shop to return it as defective. After that, no returns are allowed and no refunds will be offered.

If you return a repaired unit as defective, we will either replace or repair it at our discretion. If we determine the defect is our responsibility, we will repair it at our expense. If we determine the defect is your responsibility, we will give you the option of having it repaired at your expense.

If your order arrives damaged or opened, immediately tell the driver that you are refusing the package due to damage. Do NOT accept the package. If a damaged or opened package has been left in your absence, you will have to contact the shipping company.

You must also notify us within 24 hours that your equipment arrived damaged. We will not be responsible for damaged equipment after that time.

No matter who caused the defect, the customer pays all shipping costs, no exceptions.

Equipment Returned With No RMA Number

If you sent equipment to us without getting an RMA number and clearly labelling your shipment with that number, we will not inspect or repair it or attempt to locate it in any wya unless you can provide a valid traceable return tracking number for the shipment within 5 business days of shipping the equipment to us. For a tracking number to be valid, it must return an indication of a delivery having been made to our address. If you provide a valid return tracking number to us within that time, it will take approximately 10-12 weeks in order to locate your equipment, and there will be a tracking fee for doing so.

If you are unable to provide a valid return tracking number, we will not search for your equipment and we will not issue you any kind of credit. If we are unable to locate your return, we will not issue you any kind of credit.

Rejection of Equipment Shipped to Us

We reserve the right to reject equipment shipped to us for inspection or repair for any reason whatsoever. If we reject your equipment and you wish us to return it to you, you are responsible for all shipping costs, no exceptions.

You will have 14 days from the time we notify you we are rejecting your equipment to arrange to pay for return shipping. If you do not make suitable arrangements in that time, we will discard or recycle your equipment at our discretion. We must acknowledge your arrangements for them to be considered suitable.

Messages left for / sent to you via e-mail or telephone constitute notice.

Please read our disclaimers if you have a thing for legalese.